All About Us

EMBARGO WEAR is limited edition designer art clothing, which is one of a kind.
Embargo is quality, Embargo is style, Embargo is more than you expect!
This is how we present the brand. The main goal is to create excellent products. We strive to inspire and provoke your desire. Each season we create the models with a lot of passion and dedication.
We work with inspiration and attention to every detail in order to create the true perception for style and class of
the products.


We work with inspiration and attention to every detail in order to create the true perception for style and class of the products. Each model has been done with great care and consent. Our priorities are the pleasant feeling upon the skin when the products are worn, combined with aesthetic outlook. The precision is important and we know this. Fashion is more than just a style of wearing your garments- it is more often than not a lifestyle. Your way of dressing resembles and reveals one’s true personality. Therefore, our garments can represent your mood and thoughts. We know this well and that is why our top priority is to have clothing for your mood.

But that’s just not all of it !
We have our values and ideas that are the foundation of our business.
Embargo Wear promoting love, peace, prosperity and unity.
We do take care about the nature.

And finally, Embargo Wear Ltd. is supporting volunteers of different projects and we work for our children and people in need. The people in the company are volunteering in animal rescue, protection and care. So, as you purchase your product you are supporting the following causes: planting trees, rescuing animals and helping people in need!

Thank you !

Embargo Wear Ltd.

Our advantages

The small things that make us so special

Clothing is one of the basic necessities and after food it is possibly the second most important thing to own. Everyone needs clothes and everyone wants to look good. And even though there might be some exceptions and few individuals out of 7 billion people may prefer not to look good, we would assume that the rational people want to look good and attractive. And it is usually that by looking good they also feel good, at least to a certain extent. So we can accept these two facts as axioms: everyone needs clothes and everyone wants clothes to make them look good. Now after having our two axioms we can proceed in our mission : to provide ( at least ) few thousand people with a good clothing vision.

In order to choose the best prices, we analyzed the products in the market and the prices of other producers. We also reviewed several top-players’ success strategies in the clothing industry.

Then we understood the quality of our products in comparison to those offered by the competitors.
Diversification is one of the best success strategies in the industry and this will be part of our strategy towards success.
The introduction of the brand “Embargo Wear Ltd.” has created already satisfied customer base. Embargo Wear Ltd. puts all its efforts to choose the best fabrics and designs and thus deliver excellent quality of the products.

By leaving our customers satisfied with their purchase, we create the Word-Of-Mouth marketing approach to our prospective customers.


The life as you know it, seen from the eyes of our artist Andrey Kamenov. More information and content will be uploaded soon. ​


Usually we use slim fit design of the garments, however other opitions are available. ​