About Us

Clothing is one of the basic necessities and after food it is possibly the second most important thing to own. Everyone needs clothes and everyone wants to look good. And even though there might be some exceptions and few individuals out of 7 billion people may prefer not to look good, we would assume that the rational people want to look good and attractive. And it is usually that by looking good they also feel good, at least to a certain extent. So we can accept these two facts as axioms: everyone needs clothes and everyone wants clothes to make them look good. Now after having our two axioms we can proceed in our mission to provide (at least) few thousand people with good clothing.

If we were to give away nice clothing for free, we would have great success in our mission, but since we are a profit – oriented organization, in exchange for our products we want to receive money, so we have to find a reasonable price which will satisfy both the people buying the clothes and those providing the clothes. The price will also determine the amount of clothes which we will sell. Well, it sounds simple, but determining the best price for both parties is in fact very important and an extremely difficult task, therefore it will have a major importance for the success of our mission.

In order to choose the best price, we need to analyze the products in the market and the prices of other producers. We will also review several successful clothing producers and their strategies for success. Then we need to find out where our products do fit in in relation to those offered by the competitors. Eventually, we can decide whether we want to sell more products with lower margins or we prefer to sell less products with higher margins.


EMBARGO Wear Ltd.® is a new company based in Haskovo, Bulgaria as a Limited Liability Company. Its primary aim is to sell high quality T-shirts and later on similar products such as long-sleeve T-shirts and hoodies. The main objective of the business is to capture a substantial market share in Europe and to create brand awareness. Even though the company will sell its products online and will ship them via providers such as DHL or UPS, its main focus will be on European male consumers between 18 and 49 years. Even though the T-shirt market is very saturated and there is a huge number of well established companies providing all kind of garments including T-shirts, the market is really huge and provides great opportunities for growth. There are also various niches and different target customers which provide many opportunities for the companies in the industry. Diversification is one of the best success strategies in the industry and this will be part of our strategy towards success. The introduction of the brand “Embargo Wear Ltd.” has created already satisfied customer base and many  of the young people in Haskovo eagerly buy the latest products of the brand. Embargo Wear Ltd. puts all its efforts to choose the best fabrics and designs and thus deliver excellent quality of the products. By leaving our customers satisfied with their purchase we create the Word-Of-Mouth marketing approach to our prospective customers.

Embargo Wear Ltd. will initially provide premium quality T-shirts with unique and memorable printings and will amuse and inspire the customers. Despite their high quality and also some unique features, the products will sell for lower than average price on the market and so to ensure a good market share.