About Us

Embargo is quality, Embargo is style, Embargo is more than you expect!

This is how we present the brand to our clients. The main goal is to create excellent products.
We strive to inspire and provoke your desire to get another product from our models.
Each season we create the models with a lot of passion and dedication. But what is really special about this brand?
I will tell you!
We work with inspiration and attention to every detail in order to create the true perception for style and class of
the products. Each model has been done with great care and consent. Our priorities are the pleasant feeling upon
the skin when the products are worn, combined with aesthetic outlook. The precision is important and we know
this. Fashion is more than just a style of wearing your garments- it is more often than not a lifestyle. Your way of
dressing resembles and reveals one’s true personality. Therefore, our garments can represent your mood and thoughts.
We know this well and that is why our top priority is to have clothing for your mood.




But that’s just not all of it! We have our values and ideas that are the foundation of our business. Embargo Wear Ltd.

is promoting love, peace, prosperity and unity. We do take care for the nature.
And finally, Embargo Wear Ltd. is supporting volunteers of different projects and we work for our children and people in
need. The people in the company are volunteering in animal rescue, protection and care.
So, as you purchase your product you are supporting the following causes: planting trees, rescuing animals,
helping people in need!
Thank you!





Embargo Wear Ltd.


More about Us

Clothing is one of the basic necessities and after food it is possibly the second most important thing to own. Everyone needs clothes and everyone wants to look good. And even though there might be some exceptions and few individuals out of 7 billion people may prefer not to look good, we would assume that the rational people want to look good and attractive. And it is usually that by looking good they also feel good, at least to a certain extent. So we can accept these two facts as axioms: everyone needs clothes and everyone wants clothes to make them look good. Now after having our two axioms we can proceed in our mission to provide (at least) few thousand people with good clothing.

In order to choose the best prices, we analyzed the products in the market and the prices of other producers. We also reviewd several top-players’ success strategies in the clothing industry. Then we understood the quality of our products in comparison to those offered by the competitors.


EMBARGO Wear Ltd.® is a company based in Haskovo, Bulgaria as a Limited Liability Company. Its primary aim is to sell high quality products such as T-shirts, long-sleeve T-shirts and hoodies. The main objective of the business is to capture a small market share in Europe and to create brand awareness. We sell our products online and we are shipping them to your address.

Even though the T-shirt market is very saturated and there is a huge number of well-established companies providing all kind of garments we are evolving and improving constantly.

Diversification is one of the best success strategies in the industry and this will be part of our strategy towards success. The introduction of the brand “Embargo Wear Ltd.” has created already satisfied customer base and many  of the young people in Haskovo eagerly buy the latest products of the brand. Embargo Wear Ltd. puts all its efforts to choose the best fabrics and designs and thus deliver excellent quality of the products. By leaving our customers satisfied with their purchase we create the Word-Of-Mouth marketing approach to our prospective customers.

Embargo Wear Ltd. will initially provide premium quality T-shirts with unique and memorable printings and will amuse and inspire the customers. Despite their high quality and also some unique features, the products will sell for lower than average price on the market and so to ensure a good market share.


1,2,3 START!

It all started 6 years ago as a simple plan to sell T-shirts. Back in 2013 it seemed as an easy-to-do thing. I made the logo in several days. Then I updated it to the final stage. Before I made the logo actually I came up with the brilliant name EMBARGO… It was meant to be a special brand for special customers. In fact it can be worn by anybody, but whoever is wearing the product should feel special! I registered the company and the whole project was soon ready to be launched. And why not!? Embargo has always been all about the quality of the products and the pleasant feeling of of wearing a nice garment. It is about being complimented for the clothing you are wearing. It is about having a piece of art on you.

And this idea and dedication lead to the first project in 2014- limited number of 100 T-shirts with 5 colors. Red, green, white, blue and black were the colors of the T-shirts. Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL. It was a good project. Well, it lead to no income due to the fact that I gave away 70% of all pieces as presents to my friends, 20% were retained for personal use and 10% sales. The T-shirts were nice, but nothing extraordinary. The total amount of sales didn’t lead to any profit as I had more expenses to meet.

Later, the same year the website was created. It was the desired domain name. It was as it should be! Today, the company still has the same domain name. Since then the website has been updated, edited and completely altered. I learned to do this and that on the platform, I upload the photos, change the prices and categories of the products, I upload images and slides, create texts and a few more tasks, but genreally an IT specialist made the website as a theme and laout. The PayPal payment system was adopted, as well as crypto currency system to ensure safe and easy payments.

Well, it was a poor start, but the future is infront of Embargo Wear Ltd. and I hope and work hard to achieve the target and the purpose of the brand.

In summer 2015 there was no campaign, but just several T-shirts as samples were made. I am not sure now what the reason was, most probably due to the lack of profit. I was considering T-shirts with pockets. This was interesting as an idea, but with 2-3 samples nothing was expected. I made several photos, several updates with no interest from clients and no results.

However in 2016 I saved little money from my job in a call-canter and thus new project was initiated and launched. This was a top project in terms of quality and durability, but in terms of making money- not successful. I bought fabrics different from cotton- it was polyamid fabric- pleasant for the skin, very durable and lasting. Today, 3 years later the clients who bought T-shirts from the 2016 line still wear them and they look as they are brand new. This project also didn’t make profit, as the earnings plus more investment from me were spent for the website.

2017 and 2018 I finally improved my designer skills in terms of digital modifications of the printings and the images. I was ready to become famous. However, it was too early… I had very little understanding of the competiotion, the marketing strategies and the aproach to be applied in order to make good sales. 2018 was a year of success compared to the previous years. Better know-how for the creation of the products was aquired. Finally the products were excellent and the know-how for creation of quality goods as well as good relations with the producing companies were established.

2019 was a game changer in terms of deciding the future, as I made the sales strategy and the marketing plans for entering the European Market, namely Germany. Let me tell you more! I was familiar with the fashion trends, the desires of the clients in Europe, the low, the average and the above-average prices, but I was not aware how to get a market share. Today, November, 2019 I am on the opinion that the strategy is excellent and it will work! I am expecting a decent market share and profit.

But why will you buy Embargo Wear Ltd. product? I will tell you! It is excellent quality, excellent fabrics pleasant for the eye and the skin, interesting colors and printings and low price for a premium product. Well being a premium product could be debatable, due to the fact that Embargo Wear Ltd.’s products could be described as luxury goods, even though they are sold for lower that the market average price for premium goods.

One more thing, when you buy Embargo, you support a good cause. Together we help people in need as well as helping animals. Part of the money you paid for the products will be donated!